After combined decades of experience in the industry, the staff at Conway E&S have become experts at identifying client needs and catering our options to better suit them. Viewing the current market and the devastating consequences of the present viral crisis, we’ve undertaken a considerable effort to figure out where we are needed most and, importantly, where we can facilitate a better, more impactful experience for insureds under our broker partners.

One area where we’ve seen a particular need is comfort. The instability to the present moment has told us that businesses are in dire need of a way to make budgeting easier — and as businesses large and small slowly begin to reopen and income streams start to return, this need for stability only increases.

In our view, insurance financing should not be one of the worries plaguing businesses as they resume normal operations. That’s why Conway E&S is excited to announce a new financing arrangement for our broker partners.

Simply put, insurance premium financing is beneficial to business owners of all shapes, sizes and structures; large-scale companies, which often have more assets to insure, can build their budgets more freely without worrying about a presently high insurance premium. On the other end of the spectrum, entrepreneurs and smaller businesses, both of which frequently have a lower initial monetary volume, can take advantage of a variety of financing options to reduce their present financial burden while preparing for larger uniform payments in the future.

Financing through Conway makes this process even easier with a broad range of added benefits. Our down payment terms are extremely competitive, making them preferable to the majority of standard financing arrangements. Additionally, our process is much more efficient, meaning that your team does not need to put in extra effort to secure a finance quote. Finally, we offer bonuses: the agency earns an additional 1% of the premium financed paid back at the end of the quarter as a bonus.

With comfort in mind, we’ve streamlined the process of securing insurance financing. You don’t even need to ask us for a finance quote! Going forward your coverage quote will include a premium finance quote as long as the account is under $100,000 in premium. Accounts over $100,000 are also eligible but subject to review by the premium finance company.

If you’re still unsure if insurance financing is for you, consider the benefits. Our rates are already both low and competitively priced, meaning that purchasing any additional coverage is an affordable breeze. Additionally, securing financing now means more available credit at a time when you might desperately need it; by financing, you can open your budget for other operating expenses. You can also amortize your payments over the financing period, preserving your capital and opening up your budget even further. By securing a fixed rate now, you can relax knowing that your rate and payment will not increase as the loan period continues.

Here are some other specifics about Conway’s plan that will show you why financing is the perfect solution to your current company needs:

  • Aggressive interest rates
  • 20% down and 10 payments on policies with 25% MEP
  • 15% down and 10 payments on policies with no MEP
  • 15% down on renewals with no history of late payments or cancellations
  • Customized rates and terms on larger cases

These have been trying times for everyone, and at Conway, we are committed to making sure your insureds can resume normal operations with less worry than ever before. If you have any questions concerning financing, current plans, or how we can make this period easier for you and your company, reach out to us at We look forward to working with you to find an appropriate solution to all of your needs.